Steel Coil Slitting Line,Metal Cut to Length Line,Roll Forming Machine
Steel Coil Slitting Line, Metal Cut to Length Line And Roll Forming Machine manufacturer in China

Shanghai Ivy Import & Export Co., Ltd. is a company who intensively provide professional technical consultation and actual machine product of metallurgy machinery such as metal coil cold rolling mill lines, slitting lines, HF welded pipe mill lines, cut-to-length lines, roll forming machines, etc.

We can provide technical consultation because we have a team group who have worked in this field for many years and thus know well technical details and supply market conditions. We can provide you good machines at good prices because we have own factories who produce different above-mentioned machines. Our factories gather together, cooperate hand-in-hand, to fully take advantage of international marketing resources.

Main Products
  • Steel Coil Slitting LineThe steel coil slitting line, composed of uncoils, feeding, shearing and other equipments, is a production line...
  • Metal Cut to Length LineThis is a kind of steel coil leveling equipment, integrating scissor and drop-type stackers. It has the feature ...
  • Metal embossing machineChequer plate embossing machines is mainly for producing anti-skidding checkered steel plates ...
  • Roll Forming MachineThe roll forming machine, also called roll forming systems, is divided into 6 types. We set some typical examples...

Take one of our factories, Wuxi Jinye Complete Set of Equipment Co., Ltd, as example:
Jinye is specialized in producing (decoiler, slitter, recoiler lines) and (decoiler, leveler, cut-to-length lines).
We set up our head office in Wuxi, near to our backup factories. Wuxi city is beside Taihu Lake, one of the biggest lakes in China; Wuxi is near to Shanghai and is one important industrial city in China.

We can make sure complete & efficient technical communications, rigorous and rhythmed production process control, timely & orderly shipping arrangement. In a word, all machines are customized under the requirements of customers.
Our customers are around the world, especially in Middle East and North Africa.
In Middle East, we have exported much to Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia...
In North Africa, we exported much to Egypt, Libya, Algeria, and Sudan...
Not only this, we also exported to Romania, Serbia, India, South Africa, El Salvador, Venezeula etc countries.
Our core values are "Quality, Efficiency, Credibility & Integrity", which can firmly and solidly support us to fly far and high, because undoubtedly these points are cornerstone of cooperation.

If you need metal cut-to-length line, steel coil slitting line, cold rolling mill, metal roll forming machine and welded pipe making machine, don't hesitate to contact us for more details now!

We would like to establish frequent communications and thus more understanding between each other, full-heartedly welcome you to visit our company!