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Φ25 High Frequency Welded Pipe Production Line

Φ25 High Frequency Welded Pipe Production Line

Layout Flow:
Strip material → decoiler → shear and welder → accumulator → forming and sizing machine → flying saw → packing
Moreover, include: electric control system, high frequency welder.

Material: low carbon steel and low alloy steel.
Outer diameter of welded pipes: max φ32mm, min.φ10mm
Wall thickness of welded pipes: max 1.5mm, min. 0.4mm
Forming speed: 40-120m/min
Motor: 30KW
HF welder: 100KW solid state

Shanghai Ivy Import & Export Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of φ25 high frequency welded pipe production line in China. Apart from welded pipe making machine, like HG32 HF welded pipe making machine etc, we still have other products: metal cut to length line, including thin coil cut to length line, middle thick coil cut to length line and thick coil leveling cut to length line; metal coil cold rolling mill like 2 Hi cold rolling mill, 4 Hi cold rolling mill, etc; steel coil slitting line, including thin coil slitting line, middle thick coil slitting line, thick coil slitting line. With good quality and affordable price, our products has been exported to many countries, such as Germany, Holland, India, Indonesia, New Zealand, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Kuwait, South Africa, and Bangladesh.

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