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Purlin Profile Roll Forming Machine

Purlin Profile Roll Forming Machine

1. C / Z Purline Roll Forming Machine

This type of the C/Z purlin cold roll forming machine is used to form components, such as purlins, having C-shaped and/or Z-shaped cross-sections from sheets of planar material. This kind of machine has these advantages as follows:
1. The C, Z, U, L purlin forming equipment increase the firmness if the machine by adopting new station.
2. The machinery works more stable, which ensured by the gearbox transmission.
3. The after-cutting is used to ensure the smooth quality of the cutting position. 
4. This L profile roll forming equipment uses high speed punching machine.
5. The servo feeding on this machinery can achieve high speed.
6. The whole automatic production line is controlled by PLC control panel.  

Main Technical Specification:
Thickness: 1.5-3.0mm
Speed: 15m/min (not include cutting and punching)
Roll station: 18 stations
Main power: 15KW
Hydraulic power: 5.5KW
Control system: PLC Panasonic
Drive: by chain (one by gear box)
Automaticity: semi-automatic / automatic

2. C/Z Interchangeable Roll forming Machine

C, Z two profiles can be produced by this machine through the exchange side of the roller up and down position to achieve C, Z purlin conversion. Finishing conversion process only needs half an hour to achieve the goal of saving time. Roller horizontal distance can be also automatically adjusted to achieve C or Z purlins of the width with high precision. Additionally, it can also save time to increase production.

Main Technical Specification:
Thickness: 1.5-3.0mm
Speed: 15m/min
Roll station: 18 stations (7 station for straighten)
Main power: 19KW
Hydraulic power: 5.5KW
Control system: PLC Panasonic
Drive: by chain
Automaticity: Semi-automatic / automatic

3. U profile Roll Forming Machine

Technical Process:
Uncoiling → Feeding → Leveling → Punching → Roll forming → Punching →Cutting.
Products collecting

  Description   Offered specification
Roll Forming Machine U Profile
Rolling Speed 12-15m/min(not include cutting time)
Rolling Thickness 3.15-4.75mm
Control System PLC  (Panasonic) as list in the note
Roller Stations 13stations
Leveling Station 1 station (7 rollers)
Revising Station 1 station (3 rollers)
Punching Station 2 station
Roller Material 45# forge steel, coated with chrome
Shaft Material and DIA ¢95mm, material is 45# forge steel
Maim Motor Power 30Kw
Hydraulic Station Power 11kw
Hydraulic Pressure 12Mpa
Material Of Cutting Cr12Mov quenching 58-62℃
Material Of The Stations cast iron type
Tolerance 3m+-1.5mm
Electric Source 380V, 50HZ,3 phase According to customer's require
Way Of Drive 1.5 inch single chain
De-coiler 5 Ton Manual De-coiler
Color Of The Machine Yellow and blue
Size of the machine L*W*H   7m*0.8m*1.2m
Container Need 1 x40 feet
Terms Of Payment 30%T/T 70% pay before shipment

4. L Profile Roll Forming Machine

The L profile roll forming machine can achieve high speed by using high speed punching machine and servo feeding. The complete line is automatic and is controlled by PLC control panel.30x30, 35x35, 40x40 three sizes are able to be produced by this machine, only needing change the punching mould.

The L profile roll forming equipment is made up some auxiliary engines as follows: 
3T manual de-coiler: 1 unit
Straightening and guide system: 1 unit
Servo feeding: 1 unit
Punching machine: 1unit
Punching mould: 3 unit
Tolerance of length: 3m +/- 1.5mm
Control panel: 1 unit
Hydraulic station: 1 unit
Spare tools: one box
Roll forming main machine: 1 unit

(1) Coil width: depend on profile
(2) Working speed: 0-15m/min (not contain cutting)
(3) Roll station: 9stations
(4) Emendation station to make the end product to straight: 3 stations
(5) Material of roller: Gcr15 forge steel, polished and coated with chrome HRC58-62
(6) Material of main shaft: 45﹟forge steel  
(7) Main power: 7.5kw    
(8) Forming thickness: 0.8mm~1.2mm galvanized steel or metal, 235Mpa
(9) Transmission: by1.2 inch Chains
(10) Size of machine: 6000x800x1200(mm)   L x W x H
(11) Color of machine: blue and yellow
(12)diameter roller: Ф65mm
(13) Cutting:
Machine adopt hydraulic after cutting
Cutting after forming: Cut the sheet after roll forming to required length
Machine stopped when cutting
Material of blade: CR12 with heat treatment
Length measuring: Automatic length measuring

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