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Down Pipe Roll Forming Machine

Down Pipe Roll Forming Machine

The down pipe roll forming machine is made up of decoiler, roll forming system, cutting equipment, protective guard, hydraulic system, control system, and product supporter. It can bend the roll formed pipe. This equipment can let the drainpipe and the bending connect to the whole.

1. The down pipe roll forming machine is able to produce down pipes with any length.
2. Any color can be painted on the machinery according with the requirements of clients.
3. This equipment has the feature of easy installation and has a long lifetime.

Main specification:
Thickness: 0.4-1.0mm
Roll station: 19 stations
Main power: 3 KW
Hydraulic power: 5.5 KW
Control system: PLC Panasonic
Drive: by chain

Shanghai Ivy Import & Export Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of down pipe roll forming machine in China. Apart from roll forming machine including cap ridge forming machine, rack shelf plate roll forming machine, etc, we still have other products: metal cut to length line, including thin coil cut to length line, middle thick coil cut to length line and thick coil leveling cut to length line; metal coil cold rolling mill like 2 Hi cold rolling mill, 4 Hi cold rolling mill, etc; welded pipe making machine like Φ25 high frequency welded pipe production line, HG32 HF welded pipe making machine etc. With good quality and affordable price, our products has been exported to many countries, such as Germany, Holland, India, Indonesia, New Zealand, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Kuwait, South Africa, and Bangladesh.

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