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Color Coating Line

Color Coating Line

Color coating is a process of coating steel coil sheets with organic paints such as PE, SMP, HDP, PVDF, and SJ. The coated sheets have good properties such as easy printing, process ability, anti-corrosion, decoration, as well as high strength and good deformability. Recent years, high quality and multi-function color coating strips develop rapidly, and the color steel plates with high corrosion resistance, high deformability, fingerprint resistance and bacteria resistance will have good prospect. We can provide the following lines, color coating line for building, CCL for home appliance, coil coating line with fluorocarbon, decorative or insulation coating, and color printing line etc, according to your requirements.

Specifications of Coil Coating Line:
Coil sheet material: galvanized steel, cold rolled steel, tinning sheet, etc.
Strip thickness: 0.2-1.2mm
Strip width: 800-1250mm
Outer diameter of coils: φ800-1600mm
Inner diameter of coils: φ508/φ610mm
Coating speed: 25-100m/min

Coating process: continuously Coil Coating Line

Face side Back side
Once coating  No coating
Once coating Once coating
Twice coating No coating
Twice coating Once coating
Twice coating Twice coating

Coating thickness adjustable range: Monolayer coating dry film thickness of face side can be adjusted among 5-15μm, while that of back side can be adjusted among 5-10μm.
Capacity of the continuously color coating line: 30,000~150,000 tons per year
Heating fuels: natural gas, electricity, liquid petroleum gas, coal, coal gas, etc.
Degreasing form: twice chemical degreasing + three times water cleaning + pure water spray
Energy saving method: burn waste gas, recollect leftover gas, to achieve energy saving coil coating line..

Color Coating Line Work Flow:
Decoiler - pinch-feeder - shear - welder - accumulator - cleaning - drying - chemical coating - stove drying - first coating - solidifying - cooling - drying - fine coating - solidifying - cooling - drying -accumulator - filming - shear - recoiler.

Characteristics of the Coil Coating Line:
1. there is advanced and mature roller-coating way for our coil coating line.
2. Vertical accumulator can reduce bad effect on sheet shape.
3. To ensure coating quality, continuous alkali spray, alkali brush and three-grade water spray (especially the last grade is fresh and pure water spray) at preparation stage, to strengthen degreasing effect, thoroughly clean surface grease off.
4. To strengthen the adhesion between sheet surface and paint, chemical coating can form a film of chemical conversion as a transition layer between sheet surfaces and afterward paint coating.
5. Chemical coating of the color coating line adopts advanced roller-coating to generate high-quality chemical film ensuring the property and quality of color-painted layer.
AC frequency-converting motor can be adjusted independently according to process request.
The circulation mixing system of chemical coating liquid make sure the evenness of chemical liquid.
Two coating heads in the coil coating line have fast open-close mechanism to avoid welding joints of coils from destroying work rollers.
Advantages: little pollution, high utilization of chemical liquid, even & compact film.
6. Color coating line has direction-turning roller, support roller, paint-adhering roller, measuring roller, coating roller, up-down adjustable paint tray, coating thickness control & adjustment device, AC frequency-converting motor.
Coating in Obverse direction or reverse direction depends on requirements of finished color sheets.
Coating layer thickness and levelness can be ensured by adjusting the ratio of roller rotating speed and coating speed, or by different coating styles, meanwhile, coating layer mechanism of clearance between rollers and press load measured by pressure transducer can make sure coating thickness precision.
7. Drying kiln:
Color coating line in heating style: by forcing heated wind to circulate
Structure of kiln of coil coating line: mazelike inserted plates can keep wide heat layer and avoid heat to disperse out.
Inside temperature can be set and automatically controlled according to different paints and sheet thickness.
Moreover, hot wind circulation system, fresh air supplement system, dissolvent waste gas emission system, waste gas burning and recycle system are installed for the coil coating line.
8. CPC/EPC devices of the coil coating line can make sure stable production.
9. Electric AC frequency-converting speed-regulating control, good MMI, easy & convenient maintenance.

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